Precious metals market fell

Precious metals market fell

A report provided by the Russian Federal National Security Agency (FSB) shows that Kahn has evidence of the missing or missing 191.3 tons of gold reserves in Fort Knox in northern Kentucky, the United States. This is an important reason for his arrest by the US intelligence agency. . Starting on June 3, similar news flooded the news channels of major webPrecious metals market fellsites. The news mentioned that the person who broke the news was actually Russian Prime Minister Putin.

Geopolitics. On the 27th (Saturday), the British Parliament passed an air strike against the Islamic State in Iraq with 524 votes to 43 votes. The White House subsequently stated that it was very pleased with the British decision. A senior US military officer said yesterday that the recent air strikes against IS in Syria have achieved good results, destroying the organization's infrastructure, logistics systems and command capabilities. But then U.S. President Barack Obama believed that the current air strikes did not achieve the set goals. He believes that the US military underestimated the combat capability of IS and at the same time overestimated the combat capability of the Iraqi army and the combat strength of the allies. In addition, it is reported that Fadli, the top leader of the Roshan extremist organization, was killed by the Allied forces in an air strike last week. Later, the senior leaders of the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda said that if the air strikes continue, Western society will have its own fruits and will eventually expand to Western countries during the war.

This round of international silver prices started at US$26.35 per ounce on January 28 this year and reached a maximum of US$49.83 per ounce on April 25. Correspondingly, the Ag(T+D) contract on the Gold Exchange's silver deferred variety was launched on January 26 at 5,961 yuan per kilogram, and the highest reached 10,788 yuan on April 29, an increase of 80.97%.

However, after 11:30, the RMB experienced a significant appreciation trend against the U.S. dollar, rapidly rising from around 6.8258 points to 6.8018 points, the largest single-day appreciation in the past two years. At the same time, the impact on the financial market was obvious. The domestic A-share market showed an accelerated rise after midday, and financial stocks became the vanguard of leading the stock market. At the same time, the gold market has become more or less affected by the appreciation of the RMB. Although the gold market is a regional market, the investment enthusiasm in the gold market has an obvious dominant effect in the world, just as the economic cold and warm dominate the trend of commodity prices.

Some time ago, when 1 gram was more than 280 yuan, I bought a small portion, and this time I cut the price and then I will make up the position. Citizens Mr. Li and his wife told reporters that they are buying investment gold bars in batches recently. The gold has maintained its value and has strong liquidity. If you need money, repurchase and realization are very convenient. At that time, you can get the money by buying back, and the funds will return quickly.

The punishment was mainly related to a meeting held by the Gold Jewelry Industry Association on November 1, 2011 to discuss the price coordination of related products. In an interview with the “Daily Business News” reporter, Lao Fengxiang said that as a company, he lacks knowledgPrecious metals market felle and understanding of the “Anti-Monopoly Law” and has already realized that this approach is contrary to the “Anti-Monopoly Law”. This punishment is also an education and learning for the enterprise. The above-mentioned people said that this time, rectification measures will be further implemented to ensure that enterprises operate more standardized in market competition and insist on independent pricing by enterprises.