Reid admitted to manipulating the US precious metals market for about seven years.

Reid admitted to manipulating the US precious metals market for about seven years.

Liquidation is the common denominator of these typical cases. Pretending to be a member of the Golden Exchange is also a common trick used by them. From the websites of the Gold Exchange and the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange, you can see similar eye-catching statemReid admitted to manipulating the US precious metals market for about seven years.ents: Recently, some companies fraudulently used the name of the Gold Exchange to recruit members by telephone to engage in so-called gold trading and other activities. Or it was recently discovered that a company had faked the staff of the field.

In this regard, Xiao Lei, a senior researcher at Tianyi Gold Bank, believes that although the Fed’s remarks in this interest rate meeting are relatively conservative, it is not difficult to see that the Fed’s worries about the job market are still heavy, and it seems only a matter of time before the expansion of QE3. From the current point of view, gold continues a wave of decline due to the fading of QE3 impact, and the continuity of this downward trend is relatively obvious.

Riddell said: Although any break below US$1555 will usher in a solid support of US$1522-1525, I am inclined to believe that gold will fall from the current support area and test at least US$1475. Otherwise, the longer-term retracement target is $1445-1447.

Silver, originally an alternative investment product for gold, has its main advantages in lower investment thresholds and certain financial attributes. However, since the second half of last year, silver has become the dominant player in the precious metal investment market. In just one year, the price of silver has skyrocketed by nearly 170%. Especially since the end of January this year, silver seems to be on the rocket, and the surge has continued.

KingsviewFinancial senior market strategist Charles Nedoss said that regardless of whether the Fed really adopts quantitative easing policy, the market is currently happy to hear similar voices. He said that if the Fed finally adopts further quantitative easing policies, the market will respond and investors will continue to increase investment.

On Tuesday, the price of gold continued to show a moderate inertial decline, and the overReid admitted to manipulating the US precious metals market for about seven years.all volatility was weakened, waiting for market news to further clarify in order to wait for a breakthrough. Gold prices reached a high of 924.7 US dollars per ounce during the intraday session, and a lowest of 912.8 yuan per ounce, to close at 915.2 US dollars per ounce, a slight drop of 8.4 US dollars from the previous trading day, a daily decrease of 0.91%, and the daily K line was extended by 5 The small Yinxian, where the daily moving average continues to decline slightly. Silver reached a high of 13.15 US dollars per ounce during the intraday trading session, and a minimum of 12.63 US dollars per ounce per ounce. It closed at 12.71 US dollars per ounce, a slight drop of 18 cents from the previous trading day, a daily drop of 1.40%, and the daily K line showed an extension. The 5-day moving average continues to fall and the long upward draw small Yinxian. The U.S. dollar index touched 87.35 at its highest on Tuesday, touched its lowest at 86.73, and closed at 86.83, a slight drop of 26 points from the previous trading day, with a daily decline of 0.30%. The daily K-line showed a slight decline around the 5-day moving average for the sixth day. Yinxian. Crude oil had a high of US$49.80/barrel and a lowest of US$46.53/barrel on Tuesday, and closed at US$49.16/barrel, a sharp increase of 181 cents or 3.82% from the previous trading day. The daily K-line showed a sustained and strong surge in a 5-day moving average. Zhongyang line pattern.

Driven by the continuous emergence of risk events, international gold prices continued to rise. Yesterday, the Asian market hit a six-week high in early trading. After a substantial adjustment since September, gold has now been favored by more and more buyers. Analysts predict that the historical high pressure created by spot gold in September will be greater. Although the price of gold recently has the willingness to challenge the historical high, it is more Large-scale shocks are still inevitable.