Precious metal value

Precious metal value

Neighbors in the neighborhood are saying that the price of gold has plummeted recently. I want to buy more and store it. It will be useful in the future. In a jewelry store, an aunt over fifty told the China Business News that shPrecious metal valuee didn’t know what Goldman Sachs and Barclays were, but she believed that little yellow croaker was hard currency. Now she is buying gold for her upcoming birth. Three generations of grandchildren are very cost-effective.

The German Federal Constitutional Court plans to rule on the feasibility of ESM on September 12. Only after the court approves, the German government can approve ESM, and the mechanism can contribute to the fight against crisis. However, the above-mentioned litigation request or postpone the German court's decision on ESM.

53 senators signed a letter to Bona on the 27th, stating that the whole world is paying attention to the actions of Congress, and warning them that his actions would do more harm to the United States, and vowed to oppose his proposal. The list of joint signatures includes 51 Democrats. Party members and 2 non-party members who usually vote for the Democratic Party.

Trevethan predicts that the price of gold will rise by 4.5% from the current level, and is expected to rise to US$1,650 by the end of the first half of the year. He also said that the price of gold will accelerate to US$1,780 in the second half of the year, mainly due to demand from the world's two largest gold consumers and India. improve.

However, relevant experts said that the fundamental factors supporting the rise of gold have not fundamentally changed, the gold market has not fallen below the long-term upward trend, and the turning point of the bull's turn has not been confirmed. Looking at 2012, due to the continuous fermentation of debt problems in Europe and the United States, the global economy is still in a downturn, and various economies maintain low interest rates and other favorable gold price factors continue to exist. It can be said that gold is still one of the best investment products in 2012. Keep flashing.

However, there are also concerns about the aluminum market. For example, Nanhua Futures recently pointed out that the frequent occurrence of public events triggered by the Great Leap Forward in infrastructure construction may lead to the introduction of relevant policies. The rapid expansiPrecious metal valueon of fixed asset investment may face policy pressure, which will inevitably affect steel. , Copper and aluminum market.

2. Data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) on Thursday showed that the annualized monthly rate of new housing starts in the U.S. in October fell by 0.3%, bringing the total annualized to 628,000, which is expected to be 611,000; the previous value was revised to an increase of 7.7%. The initial value increased by 15.0%, and the total number was revised annually to 630 thousand households, and the initial value was 658,000 households.