Sell ​​precious metals

Sell ​​precious metals

On Monday (July 15) late in New York City, spot gold fell slightly to 1,284.85 US dollars per ounce. Gold prices fluctuated very sharply during the day. Gold prices in the Asian market rose all the way, oscillating down after hitting as hSell ​​precious metalsigh as $1,294.74 per ounce; the US dollar index became stronger during the European and American hours, which put gold prices under pressure and hit a daily low of $1273.85 per ounce; Boosted by weak US retail data, gold prices rebounded sharply. Whether the price of gold can continue the rebound since the end of June depends on the testimony of Bernanke on Wednesday (July 17).

According to the "2008-2009 Gold Market Research Report" released by Yijin on the 9th, the trading volume of the gold derivatives market increased significantly in 2008, and transactions with investment as the main purpose are becoming the dominant force in the gold market. In 2009, the price of gold was prone to rise but never fall due to strong investment demand.

But in fact, since its establishment, the company has already claimed to be a well-known comprehensive financial investment and wealth management service organization at home and abroad, as a contract service provider and agent of a large financial group in the United States, and can engage in so-called wealth management investment plans , Directly develop customers to invest in financial products such as gold and foreign exchange futures. From December 2007 to February 2008, the defendants Zhou, Chen, and Zheng joined the company under the leadership and management of Qiu, Liu and others, and were later promoted to the business manager of the Foshan branch, responsible for the daily operations of the branch. Business operations and direct development of customers.

I have lost a lot, but I can't hold on anymore. Xiao Zhang recalled. Therefore, on the last trading day in April, Zhang placed a long order. On April 29, silver T+D continued to rise by 64 yuan to 10562 yuan per kilogram at the close. Silver T+D rose 27% on 18 trading days in April.

On November 28th, the 2020 International Precious Metals Industry Conference hosted by the Futures Exchange and the Gold Association and co-organized by, the World Gold Council and the World Platinum Investment Association was held in Beijing. The guests at the conference discussed the industrial integration and innovative development of the gold market, the impact of the epidemic on the precious metals market, and the innovation of derivatives.

On February 23, U.S. stocks fell to 7105.94 points, hitting a new stage low, and the global market fell into panic again. For such a market, which domestic private bank customers who are in the most mysterious field prefer to manage their wealth? What kind of unique advice and service products will private banks also give? With these questions, the reporter of Sell ​​precious metalsFinancial Weekly interviewed the East Asia Private Banking Department.