Precious metal rhodium price

Precious metal rhodium price

Barclays Capital (Barclays Capital) analysts said that despite the recent unstable performance of gold, tPrecious metal rhodium pricehey continue to maintain a positive view on the price of gold, and expect the average price of gold in 2012 to be $1,716 per ounce.

Since May, paper gold and physical gold have followed the changes in international gold prices, rising from 320 yuan/gram in early May to the current 390 yuan/gram, an increase of 22%. The gold fund is severely divided. The net value of the Nuovo Security Ball Gold Fund rose 17.81% over the same period, while the E Fund Gold Theme Fund rose only 7.1% over the same period.

When a shareholder asked about Buffett’s thinking about investing outside the United States, Buffett said that the basic principles of his investment have never changed, including valuation of companies, good managers, and obtaining good purchase prices. In addition, Buffett said that he will pay attention to some industries that can develop in the long term, and hinted that he will start to pay attention to the technology industry.

3. On Thursday, the Spanish Ministry of Finance successfully sold 3.621 billion euros of 5-year treasury bonds, which is just above half of the target offering range of 3-4 billion euros. The auction results showed that the average bid-winning interest rate of the 5-year treasury bond was 4.489%, and the oversubscription rate was 1.8.

According to the government work report in 2020, it will further strengthen investment in employment and economic stability, strengthen the prevention and control of major financial risks, deepen supply-side structural reforms, highlight the people's livelihood orientation, and effectively combine and promote each other to boost consumption and expand investment. . Promote a rebound in consumption. Stabilize employment, increase income and protect people's livelihood, and increase residents' willingness and ability to consume.

Study andPrecious metal rhodium price promote the participation of qualified foreign institutional investors in the domestic futures market and optimize the structure of market investors. Wang Lihua mentioned this in his keynote speech, which shows that QFII's participation in commodity futures trading has been put on the agenda, and the internationalization process of the world's largest commodity futures market will be greatly accelerated.

From the continuous rise in silver prices in March to the sharp drop in silver prices since May, the silver T+D transaction made the speculation syndicated lose everything. Despite the ups and downs in silver prices this year, this has not affected investors' enthusiasm for investing in precious metals. The latest statistics of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank show that the bank's precious metal trading volume has reached a new high, and the gold trading volume in the first six months of this year has reached 11 times that of the entire year of last year.

On the 2nd, the United States announced the killing of Al Qaeda leader bin Laden, triggering a rebound in the US dollar, while commodities and precious metals fell. Spot silver fell from US$48.15 per ounce to US$42.21, a 12% drop in just 11 minutes, and finally closed at US$43.89 in the New York market, a drop of 8.18%, the biggest drop this year.