International precious metal fakes

International precious metal fakes

Yesterday, spot silver opened at 6555 points, the higInternational precious metal fakeshest was 6637, the lowest was 6500, and it closed at 6573, fluctuating by 137 points. Silver ETF holdings amounted to 1,055.94 tons, which was the same as the previous trading day. At present, ETF holdings are close to the highest in history. Silver dropped slightly after the opening yesterday. After gaining support near 6500, it consolidated at a low level. After reconfirming the support of 6500 in the afternoon, it fluctuated up and reached the key resistance zone of 6580-6600 in the evening. The huge support, once again directly pulled up to strong resistance near 6600, oscillated and closed down at the end of the trading session, and the daily line showed a small yang line with upper and lower shadows, consolidating.

Under this circumstance, a new tactic may be introduced to push up silver and divert funds that could have sought after gold. Of course, this in itself can also be profitable. In response to this speculation, at the end of October 2010, the Wall Street Journal and other media reported that Manhattan Federal Court had received at least two lawsuits against JPMorgan Chase and HSBC Holdings, and the two banks were accused of conspiring to manipulate silver futures prices. Perhaps a glimpse of it.

International spot gold on Wednesday (September 24) refreshed the daily low of US$1215.60/oz at the beginning of the New York session, and finally closed down 0.50% slightly. As the sales of new homes in the United States soared to a more than six-year high, the US dollar index rose above the 85 mark. , The US stock market closed sharply. The current market focus has shifted to Thursday's US durable goods orders and Friday's GDP data.

On the one hand, the standard is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, on the other hand, it is to contribute to the industry. Kuang Bing, deputy director of the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, believes that only by transforming the development and improvement of industry technology into direct productivity can it play a role in promoting the development of the industry. He encouraged companies to learn from each other's strengths and respect each other's intellectual property rights. The alliance should regulate the industry in a way of public welfare.

The gold market, which was already in an upward channel, gained another strong impetus this week. On Tuesday, the international gold price easily broke the historical record set in mid-October. The new record was fixed at 1095.55 US dollars per ounce. , And the new high record is still very likely to be rewritten in a short time.

The international gold price continued to decline overnight. YInternational precious metal fakesesterday, the domestic Shanghai gold price remained volatile, and the entire line closed down. Among them, the main 1112 contract opened at 319.99 yuan per gram, closed at 319.00 yuan per gram, and returned to below 320 yuan per gram, a decrease of 0.44%.

Dr. Mai Jiahua, who accurately predicted the 1987 U.S. stock market crash and the 1997 Asian financial turmoil, recently spoke again. He is worried that the U.S. stock market will repeat the 1987 stock market crash in the second half of this year. Mai Jiahua said that in 1987, the stock market rose sharply, but the situation at that time was that corporate income did not increase significantly and the stock market was overbought. This description of the market situation is similar to the situation in August this year. Mai Jiahua predicts that the U.S. stock market will fall by 20% or more before the end of the year!