Spot precious metals trading

Spot precious metals trading

Geopolitics. Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire starting at 8:00 local time. Ukraine said that the number of Russian soldiers assembled on the Ukrainian border rose to 33,000, and 160 tanks were assembled. The Lebanese army agreed to a ceasefire with the radicals. The heads of state of Armenia and Azerbaijan may meetSpot precious metals trading this week. The worst armed conflict between the two countries since the ceasefire in 1994 resulted in at least 18 deaths.

UBS Wealth Management issued a study to reporters yesterday that the United States will purchase a large amount of its own national debt. Once the US economic situation begins to stabilize, excessive liquidity will become the number one risk for the US dollar, so the US dollar is at risk of further depreciation. In comparison, the transnational structure of the European Central Bank may help it ensure stricter anti-inflation targets, unlike the central banks of other countries that are under pressure due to soaring government fiscal deficits and debt. Therefore, if inflation expectations in Europe and the United States begin to diverge, the euro will receive stronger support than the dollar.

The price of gold in our store is mainly determined based on the trend of domestic gold prices. Consumers can freely choose the transaction price, and then add appropriate crafting fees, taxes, and transportation and storage costs to finally become the price of jewelry. For example, the store’s manager said that the price of gold raw materials for gold trading in the afternoon of the 20th is 368 yuan/gram. Since the complexity of the craftsmanship of each jewelry is different, the price is also different. If taxes, transportation and craft fees are added for each gram Later, the basic price will generally be 415 yuan/gram.

The US May seasonally adjusted non-agricultural employment population value announced last Friday night is quite different from the expected value, and the growth rate is also the lowest since September 2010. Therefore, the US dollar index fell sharply and once again fell below the 74 mark. Cai Yinbao, an analyst at Hairong Gold Industry, believes that in addition to the large gap between non-agricultural data and expected value, the rise of the yen against the US dollar has made the US dollar more vulnerable to the enemy, which has greatly affected investors' confidence in the US dollar. U.S. dollar-denominated commodities, international gold and silver, and international crude oil all received varying degrees of support that night. However, the silver market deviated from gold last week due to its own industrial attributes, followed by crude oil and foreign industrial metals, and continued to find the bottom. In the second half of the week, it fell for three consecutive days, to a minimum of 35.13 US dollars per ounce and closing at 36.22 US dollars per ounce, compared with the previous week. The closing price fell by $1.75 per ounce, a weekly decline of 4.61%.

The issue of the U.S. debt ceiling increase in August may have been resolved, but the global economic recovery still faces various threats. Uncertain factors such as potential U.S. stimulus policies, the evolution of the European debt crisis, and various EU policies that may continue to push up gold prices . Of course, because gold continues to set new highs, there is a demand for technical corrections in the market. Once the United States achieves an increase in the debt ceiling, gold may use this as an excuse to adjust. Therefore, it is expected that gold may undergo a certain degree of correction in August, but the overall upward trend has not changed, and the August market is still expected.

From $1816/oz on September 21 to $1,532/oz yesterday, gold fell by as much as 15% in just four trading days. Although gold and silver have fallen sharply, the public's enthusiasm for buying gold has not diminished, and investors have even entered the market to buy the bottom. Jiao Guangyi, deputy general manager of the Sun Gold Store, said that the sales of gold jewellery and gold bars in the gold store increased last weekend. Many buyers who invest in gold bullion think that the current price is already low and suitable for intervention; there are also some buyers who bought it at the previous high price and bought it again to spread the cost. He suggested that investors, the current gold market volatility is huge, investors try to bSpot precious metals tradinguy in batches to reduce the risk of gold price fluctuations.

When you didn't understand it at first, the agent will guide you, but some agents have very limited skills and don't even set stop loss points. When Xiao Liu thinks about it now, he feels terrified. Shi Yanfeng, general manager of the trading department of the Gold Exchange, pointed out: According to public statistics, the daily fluctuation range of international gold prices is generally between 2% and 3%. That is to say, 100 times the leverage can be forcibly closed by only 1%. Or agreement to close the position. Therefore, investors in underground gold speculation are losing money not because they misjudged the trend of gold prices, but because they were dragged down by infinitely enlarged leverage.

Ole Hansen, an analyst at SaxoBank, said that gold market investors have gained tremendous confidence in the past two weeks, during which the retreat of gold prices was only a flash in the pan. But he also pointed out that gold is currently in a serious overbought state, so the market outlook may undergo consolidation.

According to the latest data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), many Asian central banks increased their gold reserves in June and July, and the world's largest gold exchange fund (ETF) SPDRGoldTrust saw a positive net inflow of gold for the first time in this year. The current fundamentals support gold prices. Further rise, due to concerns about the sovereign debt burden, reserve currency valuation and continued inflation to boost investment demand, UBS raised its three-month gold price forecast from 1,600 US dollars to 1,850 US dollars.