Affordable jewelry and precious metals

Affordable jewelry and precious metals

At least 10 gold processing companies in Shenzhen have closed down. Most of these factories have a scale of several hundred people. For example, the small and medium-sized gold processing companies that closed down in the Pacific Industrial Zone have two factories with an area of ​​about 800 square meters, which are considered mid-range companies. Yes, but it felAffordable jewelry and precious metalsl down. An industry insider told reporters this way.

After a round of plunge, gold and silver are slowly recovering. However, the reporter found that investors who were afraid of falling were generally very cautious due to the lessons of the May Day holiday, and the Gold Exchange also issued a notice a few days in advance to increase the margin ratio and the price limit of the T+D contract. Be prepared for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

At present, the speculation in the precious metal market is very strong. From domestic to foreign, the price of precious metals is obviously not dominated by physical supply and demand, but capital speculation, and risks come at any time. Jinding Group President Li Hengdi said that the risk of speculation in silver is much greater than speculation in gold. Since the price of silver is only one-tenth of that of gold, the investment threshold is very low, and it is easy to be hoarded to raise the price, and it is inevitable to rise and fall.

In the first quarter of 2009, the Standard & Poor's 500 Index and the World MSCI Index fell by 12% and 14% respectively, and the price of gold as a hard currency rose by 4%. With the risk of Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the US credit rating at the end of May, can gold reach a four-digit high again?

From a technical point of view, the breakthrough of gold indicates that the bottom of the head and shoulders formed over a year has been established, supporting the rise of gold prices. But Zhang Bingnan reminded investors that gold is a market with a small trading volume. Therefore, the technical side can only be used as a supplementary reference. In terms of specific operations, the fundamentals should be looked at in the long-term, and the funding can be referred to in the short-term.

Gold has also rebounded all the way due to factors such as inflation. However, due to lack of market confidence, the price of gold is afraid of rising. It fell down as soon as it reached 1550. AccordiAffordable jewelry and precious metalsng to the current situation, it is very difficult to break through this barrier in the near future. Zhu Lei, an analyst at Qingdao Jinliyuan Investment Consulting Company, said that there is little chance that gold will set new highs recently.

From a technical perspective, Dongyue Securities stated in its research report that from the 4-hour chart of spot gold, the price rebounded to near the downward trend line and fell back. At present, the main line and signal line of the technical indicator MACD (12, 26, 9) form a dead cross, RSI (14) fell below the equilibrium position of 50, and the indicator is relatively empty.

With the development of the domestic economy, more and more Chinese people begin to attach importance to investment. So in the past few years, we can often hear our friends talk about our investment experience, and we find that there are more and more types of investment. From the initial Treasury bills to the current stock index futures and Tiantongjin, Chinese investment has been gradually internationalized along the way.

The investigation of flight MH17 is ongoing. The US State Department issued intelligence proving that the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane was shot down by a missile in an area controlled by Ukrainian separatists, but no direct connection with Russia was found. Intelligence personnel said that it is believed that pro-Russian forces may have unintentionally shot down Malaysia Airlines, but it is still impossible to prove exactly who launched the surface-to-air missile and shot down the plane. In addition, the US said that before the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane was shot down, it did not know that the separatist forces had Russian-made SA-11 missiles. Russia still continues to provide weapons to the separatist forces, including rockets and tanks.