Wheaton Precious Metals News Dividend

Wheaton Precious Metals News Dividend

Last day's disappointing employment data and the central bank's signal that further stimulus may be needed have intensified investors' concerns about the global economic recovery. The gold price continued to pull up, breaWheaton Precious Metals News Dividendking the key 1730 level, and the support of $1700 below became stronger.

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In terms of retail, Longzhong information said that at present, the 92% and 95% gasoline prices of Sinopec gas stations in Shandong are at and yuan / L respectively. This round of retail price increase may be around yuan / L. private owners can fill up their fuel tanks before this Friday.


Among them, invigorating the rural homestead and making the countryside live again has become one of the powerful measures.

Total liabilities amounted to 100Wheaton Precious Metals News Dividend million yen, a decrease of 14%.

In the first quarter, the overall level of consumer prices across the country rose by percent over the same period last year.