Nebraska Precious Metals Company

Nebraska Precious Metals Company

From June 20th to June 24th, the price of AU9995 gold opened at 320.95 yuan, the intraday highs and loNebraska Precious Metals Companyws were 323.20 yuan and 317.00 yuan respectively; it closed at 317.66 yuan, a decrease of 0.84 yuan from the previous week’s closing price, a decrease It is 0.26%.

Judging from the number of initial jobless claims in the past few weeks, the number of non-agricultural employment in May may not be able to sustain the growth of more than 200,000 people in the previous months. The number of non-agricultural employment will increase by more than 180,000, and the public sector will still show net layoffs, but the data may not be satisfactory to everyone, especially when the unemployment rate is still high, which may remain near 9%.

But now it seems that this approach is essentially just using one bubble to cover up another bubble. After using a large amount of funds to fill the hole in the previous crisis, the Fed continued to create excess liquidity to stimulate consumption growth and drive rapid economic expansion. The prosperity of the economy concealed an important fact, that is, the problem of excess liquidity in the financial market has never been resolved, and a new bubble is gestating. It was this repeated error that eventually led to the accumulation and collapse of the bubble in the US real estate market, triggering the international financial crisis.

The silver futures price for delivery in December fell 1.2 US dollars that day to close at 41.868 US dollars per ounce, a decrease of 2.8%. The platinum futures price for delivery in October closed at US$1858.2 per ounce, a decrease of US$26.6 or 1.4% from the previous trading day.

The gold futures contract price for December 2011 opened at 345.80 yuan/g in early trading, hitting a high of 348.35 yuan/g, a minimum of 345.80 yuan/g, and closing at 347.81 yuan/g, an increase of 5.95 yuan, or 1.74%.

Financial commentator Ma Guangyuan believes that silver prices will not continue to rise and a bubble has already appeared. The reason is that the increase in investment channels will reduce the proportion of silver investment. Secondly, the U.S. economy bottomed out and the global economy recovered, which would cause silver prices to plummet. In addition, compared with gold, silver has no currency function and the ability to resist inflation, so the demand for investment is greatly reduced. The current high silver price has hit a 31-year high. Judging from the nearly 100-year history of silver, every rounNebraska Precious Metals Companyd of the so-called silver bull market is hype. The higher the silver price, the harder it falls.

The main reason for the rise in the prices of gold and silver is that the actual supply of gold and silver is tight. The United States and the United States used to be large silver exporters, but they have now become large silver importers. Xiao Lei believes that the output of gold and silver cannot be increased in a short period of time. The annual supply is limited and the supply cycle is long. It is difficult to change the current supply situation within three to five years. In the case of a steady rise in demand, the inability of supply to increase rapidly will lead to price increases.

Entering May, the price of silver has fallen, rebounded, and dived, as if riding a roller coaster. In New York this Wednesday, with the sharp drop in crude oil prices, international spot silver ended the previous three-day rebound, plummeting by more than 8%, and international gold prices fell below the $1,500 per ounce mark again. After a slight cessation of decline during the Asian session yesterday, the price of gold and silver continued to fall as the European market opened. As of about 6 pm yesterday, the international silver price has fallen below 33 US dollars per ounce, and the gold price has fallen below 1490 US dollars per ounce. Market participants generally believe that the current commodity structure is weak and silver fluctuates more frequently. It is best not to touch silver at the moment. As of yesterday, the international spot silver price has fallen by 24% in the 9 trading days in May.

PauMorilla-Giner, head of stocks and commodities at LondonandCapital Asset Management, pointed out that gold is more closely related to risky assets than people expected, and behaves like currency 60% to 70% of the time, and the nominal currency that has been devastated by quantitative easing policies. In comparison, gold has a better value storage function.

SEBCommodityResearch said on Tuesday that a series of factors are good for the gold market, but it lowered the price of gold in the fourth quarter by US$50 to US$1,750 per ounce because the Fed’s third round of quantitative easing policy had less of an impact on gold than expected.