Walton Precious Metals

Walton Precious Metals

When trading resumes on June 7, if the above contract does not have a price limit, the Au (T+D) contract will resume the 10% margin ratio and the Ag (T+D) contract will resume 15% before the day-end liquidation. From the next day onwardsWalton Precious Metals, the price limit ratio will be adjusted to 7% and 10%.

According to a person in charge of Baoqing Yinlou, due to the high international gold price some time ago and the approaching traditional gold sales seasons such as Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, most gold shops have stocked a lot of goods. Now the price of gold has plummeted and the price of gold jewelry is far from being adjusted. When in place, some smaller gold shops or factories are facing greater operating pressure.

In the previous oversold rebound, London silver rebounded from the first line of $34/ounce with three positive lines to $38/ounce. While the silver dippers are still looking forward to a further rebound in silver prices, a bad luck has quietly come. This Wednesday London silver plummeted by 8.66%. As of 20:13 on the 12th, London silver fell again by 6.02%, temporarily reporting $33.05 per ounce.

The US New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) gold futures closed sharply on Wednesday (September 7). After the price of gold plummeted by 3% on the previous trading day, bargain hunting surged into the market, erasing the previous day’s decline. Right now the gold market will pay attention to US President Barack Obama's speech on boosting the US economy and creating jobs.

Chen Zhihao predicts that there is still room for gold to continue to rise this year, but there will be no rapid rise, especially the rapid rise in the recent period, there will be a callback cycle later, after the adjustment is over, see if it can reach new highs. No, it may enter a relatively long adjustment period.

The return of gold to Germany was not a whim. In the article "How much gold did the United States embezzle" on the front page of tWalton Precious Metalshe newspaper on December 3, 2012, it was mentioned that the German Federal Court of Audit issued an internal report last year criticizing the government for never checking whether the gold is safe and sound, and calling for The gold was shipped back when the European debt crisis worsened.

Deutsche Bank (DeutscheBank) said on Wednesday that it maintains its forecast that the price of gold will reach $2,000 per ounce in 2012 and is optimistic that gold will impact higher prices. The bank pointed out that the US's ultra-low interest rates, weak US dollar, excessive central bank US dollar reserves and doubts about the stability of the financial system are all good for gold.