U.S. precious metals

U.S. precious metals

From the above data, we can see the people's enthusiasm for gold. At the same time, international gold prices rebounded from aU.S. precious metals low of nearly $150 per ounce under strong support from Asian buying, forcing institutions represented by Goldman Sachs to stop shorting gold. So some people think that it was the aunt who defeated Wall Street, and gold will stabilize and rise from then on. The author thinks that this statement is slightly blind.

The actual one-month US dollar loan interest rate is still LIBOR plus 80-100 basis points over the same period, which is at least 56 basis points higher than GOFO. This allows some large money market hedge funds to see arbitrage opportunities. Chen Weijian revealed that they first borrowed physical gold positions from gold brokers at the GOFO price, and after cashing out in the futures market, they then borrowed them to European banks, earning at least 70-100 basis points of risk-free spreads.

Seize the opportunity, this month gold and silver are all high and fall. A staff member of an investment management company said that their company can speculate in gold, silver and foreign exchange. The minimum capital for investing in London silver is 20,000 US dollars, and the handling fee is five ten thousandths, and only one round trip is charged. The price of silver fluctuates greatly, and the price difference can be used for firm trading. The trend of speculation in silver is good, and it has only just emerged in China. Stocks, real estate, etc. have all made crazy profits at the beginning, and silver is no exception. And two-way transactions are more flexible.

According to the "Yearbook", the reason for the increase in gold mine output in 2016 was on the one hand due to the successive commissioning of multiple new mines, on the other hand, due to the further decline in gold production costs and the continuous increase in gold prices. Compared with 2015, the total global gold maintenance cost dropped by 4% last year to an average of US$852 per ounce.

1. Data released by the US Department of Commerce on Thursday showed that the US trade account deficit increased by 4.4% to 53.07 billion US dollars in June. The market had previously expected a deficit of 48 billion US dollars; the May trade account deficit was revised to a deficit of 50.83 billion US dollars. The value is a deficit of US$50.23 billion.

In 2010, 46.2 million people lived below the poverty line (that is, with an annual income of US$11,139 or less.), accounting for 15.1% of the total population or one of six adults, the highest in 17 years. According to CNNMoney calculation! After deducting inflation, the income of the middle U.S. precious metalsclass increased by 11% compared with 1980, the income of wealthy households increased by 42%, and the income of the poor remained basically unchanged. That is, the middle class has benefited limitedly in the past 30 years, and most of the new wealth has fallen into the hands of 5% of the rich.

There are two completely different groups of people. The inflow is the safe-haven funds, and the one who sells for cash is the early layout funds that have earned a lot of money. According to Wang Zhonghui, president of Jingyi Holdings, most of the gold prices that are inflated are safe-haven funds withdrawn from risky assets such as stocks, bond markets, and futures markets. The Fed did not release Q3. The European Central Bank wants to issue additional issuances and has not increased, so where will there be incremental funds? , It is entirely about whether the existing funds are arrogant or not.

Barisheff said that from a historical point of view, precious metals including gold, silver and platinum are currently in a very cheap state. And there is a rare situation where the price of platinum is lower than that of gold, and the price of silver is abnormally low relative to gold. The current gold/silver price is 73, and from the perspective of exploration, silver deposits are only 16 times higher than gold deposits. Barisheff said.

2. Anglo American plc, one of the world's largest mining and natural resource groups, said that as the economic stimulus package of various governments will boost the economic recovery and thus stimulate the demand for commodities, the outlook for commodities is expected to remain positive.