Precious metals market

Precious metals market

However, the high lPrecious metals marketevel also means high risk. This year's gold price has shown the characteristics of large fluctuations. Analysts expect that although it is too early to predict the specific trend of the gold price next year, one thing is certain. The price of gold will rise and not fall easily next year. At the same time, the volatility of the shock will be greater than this year. Therefore, they reminded that investors must be fully prepared for the risks of the gold market and reduce blind operations, especially before the end of the year.

In terms of investment form, this year's overall strategy requires caution. Precious metals, especially gold, can reflect its value as an important species for hedging during periods of relative economic turmoil. Cai Zhiqiang believes that, compared with other investment products, precious metals should still be valued next year, and the market is worth looking forward to, but next year’s rise may not be as sharp as the previous rise, and it is impossible to see a unilateral rise like the previous two years. The trend of next year is more likely to be closely related to the trend of the US dollar, and the overall trend is relatively wide. Therefore, predicting investment next year, Cai Zhiqiang believes that we should focus on the US dollar, pay attention to gold, and invest cautiously.

Thanks to the proactive fiscal and loose monetary policies of various governments, the global economy is gradually coming out of its trough. Although the manufacturing PMI of the world's major economy has not recovered to above 50, it has been picking up rapidly since it bottomed out in February this year, and the real estate market prices have also bottomed out. Under the stimulus of 4 trillion government investment, the economy took the lead out of the trough, the manufacturing PMI rebounded to above 50, and the investment in fixed assets increased sharply, driving the demand for bulk commodities including non-ferrous metals.

Now I remember Jiangnan music. At that time, I was a young man with thin shirts, riding on a leaning bridge, full of red sleeves... It was not the gray-haired grandfather who made this sigh, but the gold that had been neglected recently. The tragic situation of the 20% price drop in September is still vivid, and gold entering the fourth quarter has even greater troubles.

At least 10 gold processing companies in Shenzhen have closed down. Most of these factories have a scale of several hundred people. For example, the small and medium-sized gold processing companies that closed down in the Pacific Industrial Zone have two factories with an area of ​​about 800 square meters, which are considered mid-range companies. Yes, but it fell down. An industry insider told reporters this way.

On the last trading day (8th), the market was closed for one day due to the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. But the release of Beijing's data has not been suspended. A good trade account pushed up precious metals such as gold during the Asian session.Precious metals market However, the signing of a ceasefire agreement between the strong US dollar and Ukraine has suppressed precious metals. As of yesterday's close, London Gold fell by US$13.05 to close at US$1255.25, a decrease of 1.03%; spot silver closed at US$19, a decrease of US$0.19, a decrease of 0.99%.

Prior to this, Zijin Mining also invested in the Tastyk polymetallic mine in the Republic of Tuva, Russia. The mine contains zinc, lead, and copper, as well as gold and silver. The mine is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2010. The designed production capacity is 1 million tons of ore per year and the design service life is 20 years.

Deutsche Bank (DeutscheBank) chief economist Joseph LaVorgna said that US retail sales in the fourth quarter were better than expected, and commercial inventories performed well in October, which pushed the dollar up, which put pressure on dollar-denominated commodities, including gold.